Putting Patients First with Expert, Innovative Orthopedic Care

In August of 2016, four of North Carolina’s top orthopedic practices teamed up to provide the highest level of patient-centered orthopedic care. This alliance became EmergeOrtho, serving patients with over 60 outpatient offices in 28+ counties. From the mountains to the coast, EmergeOrtho is North Carolina’s premier provider, recognized for offering world-class, comprehensive, and compassionate care.

As the largest physician-owned orthopedic practice in the state, EmergeOrtho’s medical team includes upwards of 350 highly-trained orthopedic specialists and physicians, as well as advanced practice providers. Our subspecialty orthopedic teams offer advanced expertise in conditions of the bones, muscles, and joints.

EmergeOrtho in North Carolina Offers Statewide Convenience and Continuity

Providing multiple locations, extensive orthopedic services, and focusing on continuity of care are among the top priority of EmergeOrtho. Now with over 60 office locations, EmergeOrtho is linked by one Electronic Health Records system. This enables our patients to see an orthopedic specialist at various EmergeOrtho locations, without having to transfer their medical records from one location to the next. If while on vacation in another part of the state, for example, records can be accessed and communicated to your primary EmergeOrtho physician.

Our subspecialty orthopedic services are currently offered in these five regions:

For added convenience, the EmergeOrtho patient portal provides 24-hour access to personal health information, as well as the ability to securely communicate with providers. The portal also enables user to request an appointment, update their current medications, request a prescription refill, and review provider recommendations.

Diverse Subspecialty Orthopedic Services

While EmergeOrtho provides convenience in multiple locations throughout North Carolina, we also offer extensive and diverse subspecialty orthopedic services, which include:

In addition to fellowship-trained physicians who address a number of conditions, disorders, and injuries in the subspecialties listed above, EmergeOrtho also offers a number of non-orthopedic specialty services—bone health, physical therapy, general surgery, and more.

No matter what type of injury or condition you have, our physicians strive to provide personalized, integrative orthopedic treatment. Our doctors are board-certified and research-driven, dedicated to practicing the latest approaches in orthopedic care.

Whenever possible, we attempt to treat orthopedic conditions conservatively. If an injury or problem does require surgical intervention, our patients benefit from receiving innovative, minimally-invasive procedures such as anterior hip replacement, arthroscopic shoulder surgery, and many more options.

Our ultimate goal is to help our patients Emerge Stronger. Healthier. Better.

Our Mission Drives Us

EmergeOrtho is committed to being the trusted leader in innovative, quality-focused, comprehensive musculoskeletal care. This foundational focus motivates us daily.

Our Culture Balances Us

Many employers talk about work/life balance. We put it into action.

The retention rate of our staff is excellent, speaking volumes about employee satisfaction. Not only do our providers find it professionally stimulating to stay up to date on surgical techniques, nonsurgical treatments, and state-of-the-art equipment—they express overwhelming contentment with the lifestyle they enjoy in their nonworking hours. See how we make working here meaningful and fun.

Diversity & Inclusion

Learn more about our Diversity & Inclusion efforts

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Our Core Values Define Us

Statewide, our practice embraces the following core values in our interactions with our patients, and within the EmergeOrtho family. We’re seeking like-minded employees in all regions.



  • Strives for excellence in patient care and service
  • Promotes optimal clinical outcomes through evidence-based medicine


  • Invests in advanced technology and patient resources
  • Develops and implements the latest technologies and techniques


  • Focuses on one patient at a time
  • Connects and empathizes with patients and co-workers
  • Promotes and fosters a friendly, caring environment
Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Builds a culture of welcoming and respecting all individuals
  • Values differences and learns new perspectives through diverse voices
  • Implements strategies to create an inclusive patient base and workplace
  • Provides access to opportunities and resources to help team members thrive


  • Supports and invests in staff education, training, and development
  • Teaches, collaborates, and shares knowledge with healthcare organizations nationally
  • Promotes educational opportunities for patients and healthcare providers in our region


  • Upholds the highest standard of patient privacy and safety
  • Inspires trust and gains respect
  • Maintains a high professional standard of conduct


  • Fosters a collaborative and cooperative environment
  • Treats team members with respect
  • Demonstrates responsibility for own actions and processes


  • Strives for good stewardship and volunteerism
  • Supports the causes that keep this region vibrant
  • Promotes active lifestyles and a healthier community

A New Level Of Orthopedic Care Has Emerged

As our patient, you will benefit from a full range of orthopedic services, specialties and technologies, including physical and hand therapy, advanced imaging services, and urgent care walk-in services providing immediate diagnosis and treatment for urgent orthopedic conditions.