Innovative Care for Complex Orthopedic Trauma

EmergeOrtho’s physicians are the recognized leaders in all aspects of orthopedic treatment. With an uncompromising dedication to excellence, these skilled orthopedists offer the highest level of comprehensive care to patients across the state.

Sports injuries, car accidents and other traumatic situations can cause extensive damage to your bones and joints. EmergeOrtho physicians understand that it’s vital to have these conditions evaluated in an accurate and timely manner to ensure that they heal correctly, which will help you return to regular activities as soon as possible.

In addition to treatment for long bone fractures and complex fractures, we offer post-traumatic reconstructions for broken bones that did not heal correctly.

EmergeOrtho provides the experience you need for high-quality treatment in a compassionate and technologically advanced environment.

Cost / Insurance

We accept most insurance policies and even offer self-pay options. Please visit our finance and billing section for more information.

We provide treatment for the following conditions at our Wilmington Region Locations Only:

  • Long bone fractures
  • Non-unions
  • Fractures and dislocations of both the upper and lower extremities (shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, hip, upper leg, knee, lower leg, ankle, etc.)
  • Fractures of the pelvis and acetabulum
  • Complex fractures with angular deformities and/or bone defects
  • Poly-trauma patients with orthopedic injuries
  • Fractures in adolescents, adults and the elderly populations
  • Periprosthetic fractures
  • Insufficiency fractures
  • Complex cases requiring correction of deformity
  • Unhealed fractures including non-unions
  • Malunions
  • Chronic post-partum pelvic pain and/or instability

The following procedures are performed at our Wilmington Region Locations Only:

  • Minimally invasive fracture surgery
  • Corrective osteotomies (long bones and pelvic osteotomies)