EmergeOrtho & Prescribe FIT

EmergeOrtho and Prescribe FIT have teamed up to provide the ultimate virtual lifestyle health program for orthopedic patients seeking to boost their health and wellness at home. This innovative technology is designed to decrease weight, reduce pain, increase mobility and aid in surgical preparation and recovery for patients recommended for an orthopedic surgery. Embrace comprehensive care with EmergeOrtho’s Prescribe FIT program today.

Small Lifestyle Changes Can Make a Big Impact on Your Health

EmergeOrtho and Prescribe FIT focus on small lifestyle changes that can have a great impact on your well-being through tweaks in nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle habits. The best part? This program is covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans, and our team will review your benefits eligibility beforehand. Join our program today and embrace a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

Prescribed by Us. Customized to You.

Enrolling in EmergeOrtho and Prescribe FIT’s program means getting a personalized, sustainable lifestyle program customized to tackle the root causes of your knee, hip, ankle, back, and joint problems. Say goodbye to fad diets and temporary workout plans, and hello to sustainable, long-lasting improvements in your health. Join now and optimize your at-home health regimen.

What Will Our Patients Experience?

The EmergeOrtho and Prescribe FIT program features a dedicated Care Coach to offer personalized support and recommendations that promote lifestyle changes for better health. Patients set physical activity and nutrition goals each week to improve gradually. The provided Bluetooth scale captures and sends daily body weight readings to their orthopedic physician. Don’t miss hearing real stories. Check out David’s successful experience with Prescribe FIT today. Optimize your health journey with EmergeOrtho now.

Prescribe FIT Patient Testimonial

See David Plummer’s Results

Hear about David’s experience with Prescribe FIT

Weight Loss of 40 pounds

A1C Reduction of 1.3%

Improvements in Energy & Movement
We are driven by our mission to empower patients in living a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. With a collaborative approach, we aim to equip you with the necessary knowledge to feel confident in your treatment plan. If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office. Your well-being is our top priority.

Transforming Lives Through Personalized Fitness and Expert Orthopedic Care

At EmergeOrtho, we’re committed to helping our patients live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with EmergeOrtho providers to learn more about the Prescribe FIT program to see how it can help you achieve your health goals.

Experience the Revolutionary Prescribe FIT Program at EmergeOrtho

Unlock Your Best Self with EmergeOrtho and Prescribe FIT

Patient FAQs

Everything You Need to Know About Integrating Orthopedic Care and Personalized Fitness for Optimal Results

Who is eligible for the Prescribe FIT Lifestyle Program?

Eligibility for the EmergeOrtho and Prescribe FIT Lifestyle Program includes Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan members with a BMI of 30 and over and members should have access to their own smartphone device.  Commercial insurance plans are not currently covered, but a self-pay program option is available. Medicare plan members are responsible for their co-insurance requirements. Prescribe FIT care team members will help you to determine coverage and benefits before enrolling.

Do I need to go anywhere in-person?

No. The program is 100% virtual and available to you wherever you’re located.

Using technology can be challenging for me. Can you help?

Yes, of course! The EmergeOrtho and Prescribe FIT team is always there to help you every step of the way. The technology was built with this in mind so it’s easy to use for anyone, anywhere, on any device. You just need a smartphone or tablet. Prescribe FIT’s team will ensure your account is set up and that your device is paired with the Bluetooth scale. Once you’ve begun the program, your health coach will guide you through the program.

What diet will I be following?

Prescribe FIT is NOT a gimmicky diet fad. There is no specific diet you will be encouraged to follow. Long-term success is built through general healthy eating, portion control, frequency of eating, and other personalized advice from your health coach.

How difficult are the exercises?

Each patient is prescribed a personalized exercise program based on their specific needs and capabilities. You do not need any sort of special equipment to get started.

How long is the program?

Your prescription is for 12 months, and we recommend staying in the program for the full 12 months to fully ingrain the lifestyle change.

Why is my doctor telling me to lose weight? What does this have to do with my orthopedic concerns?

Research shows that when you focus on the root causes of your musculoskeletal pain and/or arthritic conditions, a slight change in body weight can reduce exponential pressure on your joints and thereby improve your condition. In fact, just a 1 lb reduction in weight, can reduce 4 lbs of stress on your knee and 10 lbs of pressure on your back. Eating anti-inflammatory foods can also help reduce pain. EmergeOrtho and Prescribe FIT can help you lose weight and reduce pain. The program is proven to improve mobility, increase energy and more! Patients who routinely engage in appropriate exercises, learn about eating better, and have weekly conversations with their health coach ultimately improve their day-to-day life.