Individualized Work Conditioning Programs

EmergeOrtho recognizes that injured employees need to return to work as quickly and as safely as possible. For decades, we’ve worked closely with businesses and industries throughout the state to implement safe, effective solutions to help employees.

Work conditioning is an individualized part of rehabilitation for patients returning to work. This type of program is typically done after a chronic or acute rehabilitation program. Work conditioning programs are specific to the individual patient and the type of work they do, so therapists can help them strengthen and condition in the areas needed most to safely return to work.

EmergeOrtho offers work conditioning programs and many other types of conservative rehabilitation. Our therapists work closely with our physicians, and we are all committed to helping each injured worker return to the workplace at his or her full potential. We’re happy to provide any assistance needed to help our patients continue productive work. It’s this type of dedication and consistent excellence that has made us the provider of choice for area businesses. Let us help your employees emerge stronger.

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