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EmergeOrtho & OrthoCarolina Health Alliance will transform orthopedic care across North Carolina

07 Sep 2023

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by EmergeOrtho
EmergeOrtho & OrthoCarolina Health Alliance will transform orthopedic care across North Carolina

EmergeOrtho and OrthoCarolina jointly announce the formation of HiVE of the Carolinas (Health Innovation Value Enterprise) in the State of North Carolina. HiVE is an innovative, global risk Value-Based Enterprise which brings together the State’s two largest orthopedic practices and a leading national specialist partner in a collaborative musculoskeletal specialist partnership. Together, this three-way partnership will transform the landscape of orthopedic and spine care, enhancing patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs across the state by improving access to quality care.

The formation of the HiVE of the Carolinas is a significant milestone in the pursuit of creating a high-value healthcare experience founded in delivering access, experience, and affordability. By combining the expertise, resources, and commitment of these organizations, the HiVE of the Carolinas brings an innovative framework of data analytics, patient engagement technology, advanced care models, and evidence-based protocols.

EmergeOrtho and OrthoCarolina are leaders in orthopedics, known for their exceptional patient care, advanced treatment options, and innovative research. With a combined footprint caring for more than one-half of the state’s musculoskeletal patients, these practices have joined forces to further their shared vision of delivering outstanding orthopedic care and improving health care across North Carolina.

“EmergeOrtho is excited to partner with these forward-thinking organizations in this new initiative which will transform how musculoskeletal care is delivered in our state,” said Frank Aluisio, MD, President of EmergeOrtho. “We look forward to providing a true patient-centered experience with data-driven, high-quality, cost-effective care which will help eliminate the redundancy and waste present in our current system.”

“We are thrilled to announce the formation of the HiVE of the Carolinas partnership and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in musculoskeletal care,” said Dr. Bruce Cohen, CEO of OrthoCarolina. “Through this partnership, we will leverage our collective experience to transform orthopedic and spine care by reducing variation and creating cost-effective evidence-based pathways which will set a new standard for musculoskeletal services in North Carolina.”

The HiVE of the Carolinas is committed to collaborating with insurers, government agencies, employers, and other stakeholders to develop value-based payment models that incentivize high-quality care, reward positive patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

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About EmergeOrtho
EmergeOrtho, the largest independent physician-owned orthopedic practice in North Carolina, with over 50 outpatient offices across 20+ counties, has emerged as one of the largest employers in the state and the 6th largest orthopedic practice in the US. With a medical team of over 288 orthopedic surgeons, physicians, and advanced practice providers, EmergeOrtho offers a high level of expertise in various orthopedic subspecialties, including spine, sports medicine, joint replacement & reconstruction, hand & upper extremity, foot & ankle, trauma, and pain management. The practice also offers physical and hand therapy, ACR-accredited MRI imaging services, and a network of walk-in orthopedic urgent cares. EmergeOrtho’s electronic health records system connects all its offices, providing patients with seamless care statewide. Guided by its core values of quality, innovation, compassion, diversity & inclusion, education, integrity, teamwork, and community, EmergeOrtho strives to help patients across North Carolina to emerge stronger, healthier, and better. Learn more at

About OrthoCarolina
Since 1922, OrthoCarolina has been a distinguished and reputable independent physician-owned and physician-led orthopedic practice that prioritizes delivering exceptional patient-centered care and pioneering solutions. As industry leaders in our respective specialties, we consistently push the boundaries of medical advancements and actively contribute to the training of new specialists. Our mission is to enhance accessibility to unparalleled orthopedic care while simultaneously reducing costs for our valued patients.

At OrthoCarolina, we specialize in foot & ankle, hip & knee, hand, spine, physical medicine, pediatric orthopedics, shoulder & elbow and sports medicine, treating all musculoskeletal problems and catering to athletes of all calibers, ranging from student athletes to weekend warriors to Olympians. With an extensive network of over 40 locations and nine Orthopedic Urgent Care Centers (OUCs) across the Carolinas, we ensure our patients receive comprehensive and convenient orthopedic access across the care continuum.

From initial evaluation to surgical interventions and therapeutic treatments, OrthoCarolina is the better choice every step of the way. Learn more at

A New Level Of Orthopedic Care Has Emerged

As our patient, you will benefit from a full range of orthopedic services, specialties and technologies, including physical and hand therapy, advanced imaging services, and urgent care walk-in services providing immediate diagnosis and treatment for urgent orthopedic conditions.