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EmergeOrtho Celebrates Opening of Orthopedic Urgent Care Center Focused on Sports Injuries in Reidsville, North Carolina

Triad Region / 21 Dec 2023

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by EmergeOrtho
EmergeOrtho Celebrates Opening of Orthopedic Urgent Care Center Focused on Sports Injuries in Reidsville, North Carolina

Reidsville, North Carolina, witnessed a momentous occasion as EmergeOrtho unveiled its innovative orthopedic urgent care clinic dedicated to addressing sports injuries and orthopedic concerns. The community came together excitedly to mark this significant milestone through a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Located in Ashcroft Commons, this newly opened orthopedic urgent care clinic by EmergeOrtho offers athletes with recent sports-related injuries and individuals with a new onset of painful, swollen, or injured joint local access orthopedic treatment. The event celebrated the collaborative efforts and visionary approach of EmergeOrtho’s leadership team and medical providers behind this opportunity to serve the Reidsville and Rockingham County communities.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony symbolized unity and highlighted the commitment of EmergeOrtho’s medical professionals to provide immediate care for sports injuries, joint sprains, and muscle strains. Reidsville Chamber of Commerce members supported the new specialized orthopedic urgent care clinic. EmergeOrtho’s Physician Assistant, Christine Strader, PA-C spoke during the ceremony thanking everyone for their support of the new Reidsville location. Christine introduced the medical team who cares for patients alongside her in Reidsville. She spoke about the orthopedic services she provides Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Mayor Donald Gorham, City of Reidsville, welcomed EmergeOrtho. He spoke about the much needed service of immediate orthopedic care in the community and is excited the have EmergeOrtho’s Orthopedic Urgent Care be part of Reidsville. Rockingham County Commissioner, Mark Richardson, shared his appreciation for the new office. As the ribbon gracefully fell to the ground, the center was officially inaugurated, signaling a new era in prompt orthopedic care.

Attendees were invited to tour the office and see the state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced X-ray capabilities, to promptly diagnose and treat sports injuries, joint sprains, and muscle strains. The emphasis on technology and expertise highlighted EmergeOrtho’s commitment to providing immediate and detailed care.

William Gramig III, MD orthopedic hand surgeon and President of EmergeOrtho – Triad Region, welcomed attendees, sharing his appreciation for the community’s support, and confirming EmergeOrtho’s purpose in serving the local community. He noted that EmergeOrtho is committed to being the trusted leader in comprehensive musculoskeletal care, providing immediate care for acute injuries, and leveraging advanced diagnostic tools like X-ray technology.

EmergeOrtho’s strategic location benefits the community, ensuring around-the-corner access to specialized orthopedic urgent care. The location is conveniently located at 1427 Freeway Drive. Appointments are optional for immediate treatment. A visit to EmergeOrtho’s Orthopedic Urgent Care is often less expensive than an emergency room visit. Services include comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis, X-ray imaging, casting, splinting, and bracing, as well as referral options to Physical/Hand Therapy Services, MRI Services, and more.

Beyond the responsibility of providing orthopedic care, EmergeOrtho is committed to building meaningful relationships with the community through local events and educational initiatives/programs aimed at promoting musculoskeletal health and supporting causes that keep the region vibrant.

In the days ahead, EmergeOrtho’s specialized orthopedic urgent care center is driven to make a lasting impact, serving as the trusted orthopedic provider for those dealing with sports injuries and orthopedic concerns—a testament to dedication and innovation in shaping a stronger, healthier, and better community.

About EmergeOrtho

EmergeOrtho, the most extensive independent physician-owned orthopedic practice in North Carolina, with over 50 outpatient offices across 20+ counties, has emerged as one of the largest employers in the state and the 6th largest orthopedic practice in the US. Reaching communities across the state, EmergeOrtho is comprised of 5 Regions.

The Triad Region, formally known as Greensboro Orthopedics, has offices in Greensboro, Reidsville, and Summerfield. With a medical team of over 70 orthopedic surgeons, physicians, advanced practice providers, and therapy providers EmergeOrtho – Triad Region offers a high level of expertise in various orthopedic subspecialties, including spine, sports medicine, joint replacement & reconstruction, hand & upper extremity, foot & ankle, and interventional pain management. The practice also offers physical and physical and hand therapy, ACR-accredited MRI imaging services, and a walk-in orthopedic urgent care network. EmergeOrtho’s electronic health records system connects all its offices, providing patients seamless care. Guided by its core values of quality, innovation, compassion, diversity & inclusion, education, integrity, teamwork, and community, EmergeOrtho strives to help patients across North Carolina to emerge stronger, healthier, and better.

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