A surgeon wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is performing surgery at an orthopedic surgery center. Choosing the right location for your orthopedic surgery is an important decision that can significantly influence your recovery and overall health outcomes. While EmergeOrtho surgeons perform many procedures on an outpatient basis, not all patients are good candidates for outpatient services. At EmergeOrtho-Blue Region we understand the importance of choosing the best facility and are committed to guiding you toward the best orthopedic surgery hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

Some surgeries are best performed in a hospital and others in an ASC. ASCs are smaller centers that provide more specialized orthopedic services with more personalized medical teams. The surgical technologies and scheduling preferences are more tailored toward the orthopedic subspecialties that EmergeOrtho surgeons service.

Your surgeon will help you choose which facility is best for you, keeping within the EmergeOrtho family. We are affiliated with premier state-of-the-art medical facilities across the state to ensure you have access to top-tier orthopedic care.

Our Orthopedic Surgery Center Affiliates

EmergeOrtho partners with the best network of orthopedic surgery hospitals and surgery centers, renowned for their advanced surgical technologies, expert medical teams, and exceptional patient care. These facilities are strategically located to serve our patients throughout the Blue Ridge Region of North Carolina, providing convenient access to the highest standards of orthopedic surgery—at a location nearest you.



Each of these top orthopedic surgery hospitals and centers has been meticulously selected for its outstanding contributions to orthopedic care, ensuring that no matter where your surgery is performed, you are receiving the highest quality medical treatment. Our affiliated hospitals specialize in various orthopedic disciplines, from sports medicine and joint replacement to spine and hip surgery. This diversity allows our surgeons to select the facility that best meets your unique needs, ensuring the most successful outcomes.

Why Choose EmergeOrtho’s Affiliated Hospitals and Surgery Centers for Your Orthopedic Surgery?

There are numerous great benefits to having your surgery performed at these top orthopedic hospitals, including:

Advanced Surgical Techniques and Technologies

Our affiliated hospitals are at the forefront of orthopedic surgery, employing the latest in medical advancements to enhance your surgical experience and recovery.

Expert Medical Teams

With EmergeOrtho, you gain access to a collaborative network of renowned orthopedic surgeons, nurses, and therapists, all working together to ensure your care is seamless and effective.

Patient-Centered Care

These centers prioritize your health, comfort, and well-being, offering personalized care plans and support throughout your surgical treatment.

Specialized Orthopedic Focus

By choosing an EmergeOrtho-affiliated facility, you are selecting a center specializing in orthopedic care, ensuring a higher level of expertise and focused treatment.

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Your path to recovery starts with choosing the right orthopedic surgeon for your orthopedic procedure. Trust EmergeOrtho and our network of the best orthopedic surgery hospitals in the Blue Ridge Region of North Carolina to provide you with the superior care you deserve. Request an appointment today with a team that prioritizes your health and will help you Emerge Stronger, Healthier, and Better.