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Launch of PELTO Health Partners

24 Feb 2023

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by EmergeOrtho

PELTO Health Partners – National Press Release
400+ Independent Physicians Join Forces to Focus on Value and Improving Healthcare for Patients

Nationwide, US– More than 400 independent physicians and 1,100 providers, across the country announced today the launch of PELTO Health Partners (PELTO), a first of its kind option for practices to trailblaze new roads and produce better healthcare to the patients of the local practices. Three of the nation’s largest physician owned, independent groups – EmergeOrtho (NC), OrthoIndy (IN), and Proliance Surgeons (WA)– bring together their expertise to collectively devise a platform for optimizing clinical and business services, using their best-in-class knowledge to bring value back to their individual practices. PELTO is an independent movement by physicians to promote value-based care without capital from external sources.

Dr. Frank Aluisio, MD, PELTO Board Member and EmergeOrtho President, reflected on this groundbreaking collaboration. “PELTO is founded on creating a partnership to offer an alternative to external private equity which preserves independent private practice. We bring together our leaders, strength in numbers and
build across each other’s infrastructure.“

PELTO Health Partners elevates each practice’s expertise through collaboration with other like-minded groups, bringing value through close alignment and rewarding groups for their contributions. Practice utilizing PELTO’s services will maintain their independence, while enhancing their levels of services and bringing greater value to their markets.

Dr. Ed Hellman, MD, PELTO Board Member and OrthoIndy President, “PELTO comes at a crucial time for physicians, survival in our local markets is not enough; we need a national vehicle that can continue to transform how efficiently we deliver our services to patients. PELTO brings value back to the groups creating a catalyst to build a compounding future of success for decades to come.”

With the healthcare industry being squeezed to do more with less and external entities bringing investment strategies, the emphasis on returning the provider’s attention to the patient has become farther from the purpose of medicine. PELTO doesn’t let non-physicians monetize work that physicians
know how to do best.

Dr. John Pryor, MD, PELTO Board Member and Proliance Surgeons’ President, “PELTO doesn’t distract from patient care or clinical autonomy. We offer best practice solutions to independent providers who choose to take advantage of the platform. At the heart of this collaboration lies innovative strategies to preserve our most important partnership – between each doctor and patient.”

About PELTO Health Partners:
– PELTO is a physician-owned and led organization driven to innovate and standardize products that create value for independent physician practices. At PELTO, we are recognized for being a thought leader driving transformational change, with the provider and patients at the helm. When our PELTO partner groups grow, find opportunities to be more efficient and innovate alternative care pathways, all partners succeed and gain value. Learn more at

About EmergeOrtho:
EmergeOrtho, the largest physician-owned orthopedic practice in North Carolina, with over 45 outpatient offices has emerged as one of the largest employers in the state and the 6th largest orthopedic practice in the United States. With a medical team of over 288 orthopedic surgeons, physicians, and advanced practice providers, EmergeOrtho offers a high level of expertise in various orthopedic subspecialties, including spine, sports medicine, joint replacement & reconstruction, hand & upper extremity, foot & ankle, trauma, and pain management. The practice also offers physical and hand therapy, ACR-accredited MRI imaging services, and a network of walk-in orthopedic urgent cares. EmergeOrtho’s electronic health records system connects all its offices, providing patients with seamless care statewide. Guided by its core values of quality, innovation, compassion, diversity & inclusion, education, integrity, teamwork, and community, EmergeOrtho strives to help patients across North Carolina to emerge stronger, healthier, and better. Learn more at

About OrthoIndy:
At OrthoIndy, our mission is to provide the highest quality, comprehensive bone, joint, spine and muscle care to patients throughout the Midwest, the United States and around the world. That mission guided us towards opening our own hospital with the view of being the leader in advancing quality bone, joint, spine and muscle care and technology while providing superior access, service and care to our patients and their families. Learn more at

About Proliance Surgeons:
We are a physician-driven organization that makes decisions based on what is best for patient care. Proliance Surgeons is one of the largest surgical practices in the country with more than 400 providers including 200 board-certified physicians. Proliance Surgeons provides treatment at over 100 Care Center locations and 16 Ambulatory Surgical Centers throughout Washington state. The organization’s range of specialties include: Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Pain Management, Sports Medicine and Physiatry, Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy. More than 68,000 surgeries and procedures are performed annually where quality is excellent and costs are typically lower, with faster recovery times than in traditional hospitals. Proliance Surgeons’ unique patient-focused healthcare model combines cutting-edge clinical expertise with innovative technology to deliver exceptional outcomes, personally delivered. Learn more at

A New Level Of Orthopedic Care Has Emerged

As our patient, you will benefit from a full range of orthopedic services, specialties and technologies, including physical and hand therapy, advanced imaging services, and urgent care walk-in services providing immediate diagnosis and treatment for urgent orthopedic conditions.