Your Customizable Knee Surgery Recovery Calendar

If only there was a customizable resource to help you track your knee replacement surgery recovery; a place where you could monitor your healing process, write down upcoming appointments, and observe your progress. At EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region, we created a Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Timeline Guide to help you keep tabs on your recovery process, so you can heal successfully and get back to your active lifestyle.

Woman of color physical therapist helps mature woman with rehab exercises after knee surgery.

As board-certified, fellowship-trained experts in subspecialty orthopedic care, our surgeons know the importance of a healthy surgery recovery for successful patient outcomes. Because our goal is always to help our patients Emerge Stronger. Healthier. Better., we’ve designed a customizable Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Timeline. This Guide includes:

  • Three calendar months for your one through six, 7-12, and 13-16 week recovery milestones.
  • Key recovery steps and milestones specific to each phase of your recovery.
  • A place to record your follow-up visits.

Our surgery recovery guide can easily be printed or downloaded to your smartphone or digital tablet to take with you to your post-surgery doctor appointments. All you need to do to receive your knee replacement recovery guide is provide your information in the attached form.

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