Orthopedic urgent care is a medical service that caters to patients with musculoskeletal injuries or complaints requiring immediate attention but not life-threatening or emergent. These centers offer walk-in services with extended hours, making them a more convenient option, and are typically much less expensive than emergency room care.

A crucial component of urgent care is using X-ray technology to diagnose and treat orthopedic conditions such as bone fractures or joint, spine, back, and neck pain. Below, we will discuss the diagnostic capabilities of EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region orthopedic urgent care centers, which include advanced imaging services such as digital X-rays and the accurate treatment of injuries.

Benefits of Utilizing Urgent Care Services

When it comes to orthopedic injuries, urgent care offering X-ray services can be game-changers for patients. Not only do these facilities provide prompt, economical,and professional treatment, but they also offer a range of benefits.

One of the primary benefits is the reduced wait times. Unlike emergency rooms prioritizing life-threatening conditions, urgent care facilities focus on more minor illnesses and injuries. This means patients can receive the care they need quickly and efficiently without waiting hours in an emergency room.

Another advantage is lower costs. Patients who visit these facilities often pay far less for the same care they would receive at an emergency room. This affordability makes urgent care an excellent option for those without health insurance or high out-of-pocket costs.

Convenience is yet another benefit of urgent care with X-ray services. Many of these facilities offer walk-in services, meaning patients can receive care without scheduling an appointment. Additionally, many urgent care locations have extended hours, making it easier for patients with busy schedules to receive treatment after work or on the weekend.

Urgent Care With X-Ray Services

X-ray are often provided at urgent care facilities because of the following:

  1. Diagnostic Capability
    EmergeOrtho Orthopedic Urgent Care locations offer advanced imaging services, allowing medical professionals to diagnose injuries and illnesses accurately. Urgent care X-rays are an essential tool medical staff use to detect bone fractures as well as joint, spine, back, and neck pain. The advanced X-ray machines at EmergeOrtho facilities can provide medical staff with X-ray images in just minutes, allowing them to develop a treatment plan quickly.
  2. The Importance of Urgent Care with X-rays for Broken Bones
    When it comes to broken bones, receiving an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment is essential. X-Rays are essential in the diagnosis of a broken bone and in determining the treatment plan. At urgent cares with X-ray services, medical professionals can quickly provide patients with a comprehensive treatment plan that offers conservative treatments and noninvasive procedures whenever possible. Sometimes, broken bones have to be “set” or moved back into position—X-rays are used to check that the setting procedure has been successful.
  3. Streamlined Care With Urgent Care for X-rays Services
    At EmergeOrtho Orthopedic Urgent Care locations, patients can expect streamlined care without needing appointments or long wait times. Our medical staff provides care for orthopedic injuries of all types. This convenience results in cost-effective treatment plans and can be a viable option for patients without insurance or high out-of-pocket costs.

Types of X-Rays Available

At urgent care with X-ray services, patients can receive various imaging services to diagnose orthopedic injuries. We provide several types of X-rays that capture specific parts of the body to help doctors develop a treatment plan that caters to each patient’s unique condition.

Here are some of the different types of X-rays available in an urgent care setting:

  1. Bone X-rays: these are commonly used to diagnose fractures, dislocations, and other bone conditions. These can help detect broken bones, bone tumors, and osteoarthritis.
  2. Spine X-rays: a spine X-ray can detect any abnormalities or defects in the spine or spinal cord. This type of X-ray can diagnose conditions such as spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and herniated disks.

How the X-Ray Is Done

At urgent care with X-ray services, patients can expect a simple and efficient process for getting their diagnostic imaging done. The X-Ray machine used by these facilities is specifically designed to capture high-quality images in a quick and effective manner.

Getting an X-Ray at an urgent care facility typically involves a skilled medical professional replace with x-ray tech positioning the patient in a specific way to capture the best possible image of the affected area. The machine is turned on, and multiple images are taken from different angles to ensure no abnormalities are missed.

Once the images are taken, they are reviewed by a medical professional to identify any issues or abnormalities in the affected area. The resulting images determine the appropriate course of treatment for the patient’s condition, which may involve conservative treatments or more advanced procedures.

Safety Considerations for X-Rays in an Urgent Care Setting

Urgent care with X-ray, as with any medical procedure involving radiation, requires certain precautions to ensure the patient’s safety. One of the most important considerations is limiting the patient’s exposure to unnecessary radiation while obtaining an accurate view of the injury.

Medical professionals must follow strict safety protocols when operating the X-ray machine to achieve this goal. This includes wearing lead aprons to protect themselves and the patient from radiation exposure. Additionally, an X-ray technologist must be on hand to operate the X-ray machine and take proper images.

Limiting the number of X-rays taken is also important to reduce the patient’s exposure to radiation. The medical staff at urgent care facilities must ensure the X-ray machine is calibrated and set up correctly to obtain the necessary image with minimum radiation exposure. In addition, the medical team must try to avoid taking unnecessary X-rays.

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Urgent care facilities equipped with X-ray machines can provide patients an excellent resource for prompt and accurate medical diagnosis and treatment. Choosing urgent care with X-ray services like EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region guarantees comprehensive and accurate treatment plans with advanced imaging services. Reserve your spot to be seen at one of our urgent care locations.

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