of falls result in fractures

In the case of a fall, fractures are the most common injury reported. These fractures can occur in various bones of the body, including limbs like arms and legs, but the statistic is particularly relevant in the context of falls causing fractures to the bones of the arms, legs, or hips.

The Rigors of Firefighting: Jakob's Physical and Mental Challenges, and the Incident that Led to a Talus Fracture and Fibula Fracture

“Being a firefighter is a fairly physical job. It’s pretty taxing physically and mentally. We work hard to try and stay in shape. We spend most of the day training or working out to make sure we are ready to respond. My injury occurred during training. I was climbing a ladder to the second floor, and while climbing, the ladder fell, and I fell with it. I had shattered my left talus, and I had broken my right fibula in a couple of places.”

37.3 M
falls require medical attention

Approximately 37.3 million falls are severe enough to require medical attention. Globally, falls are responsible for over 38 million DALYs (disability-adjusted life years) lost each year, and result in more years lived with disability than transport injury, drowning, burns, and poisoning combined.

A Healing Touch: Dr. Nicholas Viens and the Compassionate Expertise Behind Jakob's Remarkable Recovery

Dr. Nicholas Viens, a distinguished and board-certified orthopedic surgeon, played a pivotal role in Jakob’s remarkable recovery journey. As a member of the EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region Foot and Ankle Team, Dr. Viens brought not only his extensive medical expertise but also a profound sense of compassion to the table. With unwavering dedication, he undertook the challenging task of repairing Jakob’s shattered legs in a single surgery.

success rate following foot and ankle surgery

Most patients who undergo foot and ankle surgery experience a favorable outcome. This typically indicates that these patients achieve the desired medical or functional improvement following their surgical procedures.

Defying the Odds: Jakob's Inspirational Recovery Journey with the Compassionate Care of Dr. Nicholas Viens

With the steadfast support and expertise of Dr. Nicholas Viens, Jakob’s path to recovery was nothing short of inspiring. Despite his severe injuries during that fateful ladder fall, Jakob’s determination, coupled with Dr. Viens’ exceptional care, allowed him to defy the odds.

in 100,000 Experience long bone fractures annually

Wearing a walking boot or cast is often necessary for fibula fractures, while tibia fractures usually demand surgery. In cases of both tibia and fibula fractures, or joint displacement, surgery is typically the optimal choice.

Dr. Nicholas Viens' Compassionate Support and Surgical Expertise Propel Jakob's Astonishing Comeback

Dr. Viens provided consistent emotional support that made Jakob feel at ease and confident throughout the daunting process. His reassuring words, “This is what I do,” were a beacon of hope, steering Jakob toward a successful recovery. Thanks to Dr. Viens’ remarkable surgical skills and compassionate approach, Jakob made an astonishing comeback. In a testament to both his resilience and the outstanding care he received, Jakob was back in the driver’s seat of a firetruck, serving and protecting his community, in less than a year. This triumphant return to his heroic duties showcases the incredible synergy of human strength, medical expertise, and constant support in adversity.

Dr. Nicholas Viens
Dr. Nicholas Viens

Get Help with Dr. Nicholas Viens

Dr. Nicholas Viens, a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon with the EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region Foot and Ankle Team, is dedicated to providing tailored care for various patients. Whether assisting a competitive athlete recovering from an acute injury or helping an older patient manage long-standing arthritis, Dr. Viens enjoys guiding individuals toward treatment plans that suit their unique needs.

In his practice, Dr. Viens prioritizes conservative treatment methods for addressing foot and ankle conditions and injuries whenever possible. However, in cases where a diagnosis is severe or non-operative measures prove ineffective, he skillfully employs both open and minimally-invasive, arthroscopic surgical techniques. He aims to support patients in emerging stronger, healthier, and better.