Comprehensive, Convenient Solutions for Neck and Back Pain

Decades of experience have enabled EmergeOrtho’s highly trained physicians to offer convenient radiofrequency ablation performed in our offices. This procedure disrupts the nerve’s ability to send pain signals, thus eliminating lower back, spine or neck pain.

This 30- to-90- minute treatment is minimally invasive and allows you to return home following completion. Pain relief from radiofrequency ablation usually lasts from six months to a year, and at times longer.

During the procedure, our highly trained spine experts use fluoroscopy, which is a live x-ray, for guidance. This allows the surgeon to expertly target and place the radiofrequency needle. Once the target nerve has been located, it will be numbed in order to limit pain. Once the nerve is numbed, radiofrequency waves will heat the tip of the needle, creating a heat lesion on the nerve. Your surgeon will then repeat this process to treat other problem nerves as necessary.

We recommended rest for several days following the radiofrequency ablation procedure. Although you may return to normal activities the following day, be cautious and do not over exert yourself.

What conditions can be treated with radiofrequency ablation?

The following conditions can be treated with radiofrequency ablation:

  • Pain associated with joint degeneration
  • Arthritic joint pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Occipital neuralgia
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)
  • Any type of abnormal pain

When you choose to work with EmergeOrtho, our expert spine physicians will diagnose, treat and develop a comprehensive plan to relieve your pain. It’s all a part of our philosophy of compassionate care that helps our patients emerge stronger.

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