Knee Replacement

The Leaders in Knee Replacement Surgery

EmergeOrtho’s Joint Replacement teams are statewide leaders in knee replacement surgery, from the first evaluation through post-operative care. Innovative techniques like robotically assisted or computer-assisted navigation for full or partial knee replacements allow our highly trained orthopedic surgeons to achieve precise positioning, sizing, and alignment during knee replacement surgery. Our success provides faster recovery time, enabling our patients to return to their regular lifestyles, emerging stronger, healthier, and better.

Knee replacement surgery is very common. Over 250,000 knee surgeries are performed each year in the United States alone. Current research involving materials and prosthetic design, advances in surgical techniques, changes in pain management techniques, day of surgery ambulation, discharge pathways to home, and the biomechanics of the knee joint, have diminished the risks associated with the operation.

What are Health Considerations for Knee Replacement Surgery?

Our goals are to have you as healthy as possible going into surgery.  Several medical conditions are associated with increased risks of complications in patients who have total joint replacements.  Fortunately, with proper treatment, many of these conditions are modifiable before surgery, allowing the replacement to then proceed safely.  Our team assesses the risk by measuring several factors and can recommend appropriate steps to correct many issues.  Areas that we screen for include:

  • Weight
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Low Blood Count
  • Malnutrition
  • Terminal illnesses
  • Skin coverage over the knee

Our experience helps you emerge stronger

Every patient is different, and our surgeons not only consider the degree of damage to your knee, but your overall health.   To empower patients to emerge stronger, our surgeons examine each case thoroughly to determine the best treatment and method.

With today’s computer and robotic technology, surgeons can to see the mechanical axis of the leg which is unique to each individual. It allows our surgeons to map your anatomy and customize your surgery.

EmergeOrtho offers several surgical options for knee replacements including:

  • Total knee replacements (robotic or computer-assisted)
  • Partial (unicompartmental) joint replacement (robotically assisted)
  • Joint resurfacing procedures
  • Osteotomies
  • Utilization of the OXFORD and Mako implants (please check your nearest location for availability)
  • Outpatient Knee Replacement

At EmergeOrtho, our experienced orthopedic surgeons have performed thousands of these operations, giving area residents much more than a new knee — they also receive a new outlook on life. Please contact us so we can evaluate your individual condition and find a solution that is right for you.