Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

The Experts for Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

EmergeOrtho’s uncompromising dedication to providing the highest level of care extends to the latest surgical techniques. Decades of experience have enabled our specialty-trained surgeons to skillfully implement shoulder arthroscopy, a minimally invasive treatment for shoulder pain, injuries and conditions.

Arthroscopic surgery utilizes high-tech cameras, enabling the orthopedic surgeon to insert a small instrument, called an arthroscope, into the shoulder joint. The arthroscope contains a fiber optic light source and small camera that allow the surgeon to view the joint on a monitor. This arthroscopic surgery is usually outpatient and less invasive than traditional shoulder surgery. In addition, recovery time is much shorter.

After surgery, physical therapy will be needed for the patient to regain function in their shoulder.

Arthroscopic surgery can be used to treat and repair several disorders of the shoulder, including:

We utilize the latest surgical techniques to perform several procedures including:

  • Distal clavicle excision
  • Removing loose pieces of cartilage or bone
  • Resection of the distal clavicle
    • Distal clavicle resection is a minimally invasive procedure done to relieve pain and improve shoulder function. During the procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions at the site around the shoulder to insert an arthroscopic camera and surgical instruments. The surgeon removes a small portion of the end of the clavicle closest to the shoulder. With the removal of this section, the shoulder can move more freely and the patient’s shoulder pain is relieved.

There are several advantages to this arthroscopic surgery. Not only does it require a much smaller incision, but patients who have had arthroscopic surgery also recover faster than those who have had the “traditional” surgery.

EmergeOrtho has one of the most experienced, highly skilled orthopedic treatment teams in the state. Our practice stays abreast of the newest techniques and innovations that improve outcomes for patients, including minimally invasive total joint replacement and reconstruction. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.


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