Is Hip Pain Keeping You from Doing the Things You Love? Talk to an EmergeOrtho Specialist About Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacement surgery used to be a major procedure with a long hospital stay and recovery. Now, thanks to direct anterior approach hip replacements, you can get back to living a pain-free life faster than ever.

The hip joint is large and complex. As such, it is susceptible to damage due to age, injuries, and sports. Although hip pain can sometimes be managed with non-invasive techniques, for many people, there comes a time when the pain and loss of function in the joint make even the simplest daily activities feel impossible.

At EmergeOrtho, our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons are leaders in the field of hip replacement. Although the idea of a total hip replacement surgery might sound frightening, our surgeons use the most advanced minimally-invasive techniques. Procedures such as direct anterior hip replacement reduce recovery time, reduce pain, and get you back to doing everything you love as soon as possible.

Direct anterior total hip replacements are a revolutionary approach to total hip replacement surgery. We’re committed to getting our patients back to their healthy, active, and pain-free lifestyles in less time than ever before.

If you are ready to enjoy life without pain —and without a long recovery— make an appointment to talk to an EmergeOrtho hip specialist today. We are here to help you Emerge Stronger. Healthier. Better.

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