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Never ‘Play Through the Pain’

What is normally meant as a phrase of encouragement, could end up being potentially dangerous. Playing through the pain can have serious consequences, like turning a minor injury into a major one that will require serious medical attention. In an effort to avoid that, we urge you to visit our sports medicine specialists at EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region to get the proper treatment you need.

We treat a variety of sports medicine conditions in the following areas:

  • Neck/shoulder, including frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tears
  • Arm/elbow, including sprains and tennis or golf elbow
  • Hand/wrist, including carpal tunnel syndrome and mallet finger
  • Hip/knee, including ligament tears and arthritis
  • Upper/lower leg, including fractures and joint dislocations
  • Foot/ankle, including Achilles tendon ruptures and ankle sprains

When it comes to treating sports medicine conditions, we utilize a multidisciplinary approach that treats the patient as a whole, rather than focusing on an isolated set of symptoms.

Through our efforts, we aim to:

  • Successfully treat the condition(s) at-hand
  • Restore physical functionality
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Assist patients in injury prevention efforts

Whether treated by nonsurgical and/or surgical means, we augment the recovery process with on-site physical and/or aquatic therapy. In addition, we serve as team physicians for many high schools and colleges in the communities where we practice, as well as for our local professional and semi-professional sports teams.

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