Body Composition

Advanced Body Composition Analysis at EmergeOrtho

EmergeOrtho utilizes the most advanced body composition analysis technology to serve our patients. No other technique can match the accuracy and precision of our Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scans. This innovative technology, coupled with the extensive expertise of our board-certified physicians, has made us the leader in orthopedic care. Our patients benefit from this exceptional level of care delivered in a convenient, efficient and cost-effective manner.

DEXA is considered the “gold standard” of body composition analysis. The results from the DEXA are highly reproducible and have been validated through repeated scientific studies.

What is body composition analysis?

Body Composition Analysis provides detailed and accurate information about overall health and athletic performance. EmergeOrtho uses the most advanced technology available, Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), enabling physicians to distinguish between lean body mass, fat mass and bone. This provides the most accurate analysis of body weight.

This information is a vital tool for athletes who want to achieve ideal body composition for optimum athletic performance. The information is also helpful for patients in a weight loss program or who have had bariatric surgery, as it allows the patient to track his or her progress and make adjustments as necessary.

The scanner uses a 3D model to produce color images of the bone and the soft tissue and compiles the information into an easy-to-read report. It gives the fat tissue mass and lean muscle mass percentage for the total body as well as the arms, legs, and torso.

The non-invasive exam is simple and painless. Patients should wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid wearing anything metallic. During a scan, the patient lies on his or her back on the DEXA table for approximately six minutes. The scanner captures an image that will later be evaluated by our experienced professionals.

EmergeOrtho is dedicated to the highest level of patient care.

Our patients’ needs will be given the highest priority and they will be treated with the highest level of respect, compassion, and dignity at all times. All of our physicians are board-certified or board-eligible, which means that each of our experienced specialists is completely devoted to providing only the highest standard of orthopedic treatment. Our entire team is consistently working together to help patients emerge stronger, healthier and better.