Work Smarter Not Harder to Protect From Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are as common as they are frustrating! Our EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region Sports Medicine Team knows this reality all too well. Our board-certified physicians routinely treat overuse injuries such as stress fractures, bursitis, shoulder impingement, and more.

A group of men and women in bathing suits jump in the air during a sand-volleyball match surrounded by green trees.The good news about overuse injuries is that they are often preventable. Simple steps such as utilizing the correct equipment and techniques, warming up and cooling down, and practicing a gradual approach when increasing the duration and intensity of a workout can help protect athletes. These tips and several others are outlined in our new ebook: Eight Tips to Prevent Overuse Injuries.

Our eBook also discusses treatment options—in the event an overuse injury does happen. Did you know that there are several successful ways to treat these types of injuries conservatively (rest, bracing, and medication)? Find out more about how our Sports Medicine doctors can help you and your family remain safe this summer!

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