Everything You Need to Know About Orthobiologic Treatments

How Advanced Regenerative Medicine Can Help You Heal

Young man holds his ankle after it’s injured during a run.

If you are living with pain in your back, knee, shoulder or other joints, you are probably looking for relief that doesn’t involve surgery or unpleasant side effects. Even if other treatments haven’t been effective, you may still be reluctant to undergo a surgical procedure.

The doctors at EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region understand, and share your commitment to the least invasive treatment for injuries and other conditions. They are proud to be at the forefront of regenerative medicine, which uses the power of your own cells to help support faster healing and reduced pain.

To help you better understand how regenerative medicine, also known as orthobiologics, works we prepared an eBook called Everything You Need to Know About Orthobiologic Treatments: PRP and More. In this information-packed guide, you will learn:

  • The various types of orthobiologic treatments offered at EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region.
  • How different treatments, like platelet-rich plasma injections, are administered.
  • The benefits of different orthobiologic options.
  • What to expect before, during, and after treatments.

Get the facts about orthobiologic options at EmergeOrtho—Triangle region filling out the form on the right to download a complimentary copy.

You can also learn more about the innovative treatments from one of our patients, Emily, who successfully recovered from a shoulder injury without surgery.


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