New Rheumatology Support Groups in Durham!

EmergeOrtho Rheumatologists are working with the community as two support groups form in Durham County.  A support group dedicated to all forms of arthritis began monthly meetings this Summer at Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church in downtown.  A new support group is starting in the month of September dedicated specifically to Rheumatoid Arthritis.  This group will be meeting at the Southpoint office of EmergeOrtho.  Organized and led by individuals who have arthritis, the groups are building a community to encourage each other in maintaining healthy habits.  The goal of these groups is to share and learn ways of living fully with arthritis.

As a multispecialty practice, EmergeOrtho providers have multiple areas of expertise to offer as Guest Speakers.  Physical and Occupational Therapists have met with the downtown group, discussing ways to stay active.  Exercise is sometimes intimidating, but with modification and mindfulness, movement can help relieve some of the flares of arthritis.  EmergeOrtho even has Registered Dietitians, who can address the impact of meal choices on inflammation.  The rheumatologists that treat many of these group members also come as Guest Speakers to discuss aspects of disease and treatment.

These collaborative support groups foster connection between people with similar rheumatic conditions. So in addition to hearing from EmergeOrtho rheumatologists and other providers, it’s a good opportunity to meet other people who are engaged in developing good practices for living with arthritis.

The launch meeting for the Rheumatoid Arthritis group is on Wednesday, September 13 from 6-7:15 PM.  To RSVP or to ask any questions, email  The group will be meeting the Second Wednesday of each month at EmergeOrtho’s Southpoint office, located in Southpoint Professional Center at 249 NC-54 in Durham.

The next meeting for the Arthritis Support Group in Downtown Durham meets Tuesday, September 19 at 7:15 PM at Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church.  This is dedicated to all forms of arthritis.  The address is 927 W. Trinity Avenue – which is at the crossroads of Trinity and Gregson Street, with the entrance on Gregson Street.  Questions regarding this group can be directed to Dott, at (919) 477-4679. Dr. Anne Toohey, director of Rheumatology at EmergeOrtho, will be speaking at this session, which meets the Third Tuesday each month.