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Outpatient Hip & Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Triad Region / 02 Sep 2020

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Frank Aluisio, MD
by Frank Aluisio, MD
Outpatient Hip & Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Hip and knee arthritis are two of the most common conditions that affect the adult population. Advanced cases of arthritis can lead to significant pain and functional problems for people with this disease. Fortunately, EmergeOrtho can provide relief with Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery for these advanced cases.

Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement (Total or Partial) are among the most successful operations throughout all surgical specialties with respect to patient satisfaction, pain relief, and improved function. Surgical techniques, pain management, and physical therapy programs are continually evolving to improve the patient experience and enhance recovery. At EmergeOrtho Triad Region, we combine cutting edge technology with time proven techniques to optimize our patients experience and outcomes.

Historically, these hip and knee replacement surgeries were performed in hospitals with lengths of stay of 5-7 days. Improved techniques and physical therapy have led to shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries. An exciting new development is the ability to perform these joint replacement operations as an Outpatient Service at Ambulatory Surgical Centers.

Advantages of Outpatient Hip and Knee Replacement include:

Accelerated Rehabilitation and Recovery: With improved anesthesia techniques, you are walking within hours of surgery and are able to participate in physical therapy sooner. You also get to recover in the comfort of your home instead of a hospital!

Less pain: Improved anesthesia and pain management techniques as well as early mobilization leads to better pain control.

Safety: Outpatient Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery has a proven track record of safety. There are similar or lower rates of complications such as infection, transfusion, and blood clots when compared to Inpatient Surgery (at a hospital).

Satisfaction: Patients participating in our EmergeOrtho Triad Region Outpatient Hip and Knee replacement program are incredibly satisfied with their experience and have extremely high scores on their functional surveys.

Lower Cost: Outpatient surgery costs less and depending on your insurance plan can potentially lead to lower out of pocket costs. Our nationally recognized Bundled Payment Programs have led to substantial cost savings.

As we have gained more experience with Outpatient Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery and evaluated our outcomes, we have been able to expand our ability to offer this option to more patients. Not everyone is appropriate for outpatient surgery and you may ask,

Am I a candidate for an Outpatient Hip or Knee Replacement?” The answer depends on the following:

Health Status: Most people are healthy enough to participate, but certain medical conditions exclude participation in outpatient surgery. All patients undergo safety screening prior to participation.

Motivation and Mobility: A positive attitude and willingness to participate in accelerated physical therapy is a must. Highly motivated patients typically recover faster.

Support Network: Having a network of family and friends to be your coaches at home and provide transportation to physical therapy will lead to a faster and safer recovery.

Your insurance plan will also determine if you are able to participate in Outpatient Hip or Knee Replacement. Most plans will now allow this, but some do not offer this option yet.

At EmergeOrtho, we proudly offer this new and exciting option at most of our state-wide locations. Our Triad Region, in particular, has pioneered a nationally recognized Outpatient Program with over 700 procedures performed between 2017 and July 2020.

To schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for an Outpatient Hip or Knee Replacement click HERE or please call one of our appointment representatives at 336-545-5001.

Written by: Frank Aluisio, MD

Dr. Aluisio is a Hip and Knee Specialist in the EmergeOrtho Triad Region with expertise in Outpatient Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery. To learn more about Dr. Aluisio, please visit his bio page by clicking HERE.

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