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May Is Osteoporosis Month! EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region Earns Highest Rating for Best Practice

Triangle Region / 12 May 2017

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by EmergeOrtho

What’s Your T-Score? EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region’s Bone Health initiative aims to provide bone density scans in accessible locations throughout central North Carolina, ultimately detecting osteoporosis at its earliest stage and taking measures to prevent its advancement.

EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region Honored with Gold Medal

EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region was honored with a gold medal status for Secondary Fracture Prevention by the International Osteoporosis Foundation. Capture the Fracture® is its global campaign to facilitate the implementation of coordinated, multi-disciplinary models of care for secondary fracture prevention. IOF believes this is the single most important thing that can be done to directly improve patient care and reduce spiraling fracture related healthcare costs worldwide. The Bone Health department of EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region was proud to be one of the first on the map — and with gold medal status, the highest rating possible. In fact, EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region is the only gold best practice in the Carolinas.

EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region’s DXA (Bone Density Scanner) is Mobile!

EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region’s DXA or bone density scanner is located on a mobile unit, which travels to numerous sites in the Triangle region of North Carolina. The is also a stationary unit at the William Penn Plaza location in Durham. With this noninvasive measure of bone mass, the machine can detect a problem before a fracture occurs and predict the odds of a fracture in the future. Comparing your bone density to an optimal bone density creates what’s called a T-Score. When reviewing your T-Score, the EmergeOrtho–Triangle Region Bone Health team will discuss risk of fracture and interventions to decrease that risk. Treatment may include medications, nutrition, physical therapy, and a personalized exercise program.

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