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Have You Asked Your Orthopedic Surgeon About Makoplasty Robotic Surgery?

Triangle Region / 18 Aug 2021
by EmergeOrtho
Have You Asked Your Orthopedic Surgeon About Makoplasty Robotic Surgery?

Knees are an essential part of your body. Whether getting out of bed in the morning or simply going through your daily routine, knees are inextricably linked to everything you do.

When your knees hurt, it can make performing daily activities not only difficult but even impossible at times. We have seen many previously active patients reduced to little to no movement, all because of knee pain.

At EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region, we have a team of experienced orthopedic surgeons specifically dedicated to addressing knee conditions and joint replacements utilizing advanced surgical and robotic-assisted approaches. Continue reading to learn more about MAKOplasty robotic surgery for full and partial knee replacements.

Male person of color holds his knee in pain taking a break from running on pavement surrounded by green grass.

What is Makoplasty Robotic Surgery?

Makoplasty robotic surgery is a method to replace part of a patient’s knee. Unlike conventional surgery, Makoplasty orthopedic surgeons use ultra-precise robotic arms as extensions of their limbs to perform the procedure.

Before the surgeon makes any incisions, they create an exact 3D model of the patient’s knee. With that model, they craft an accurate implant and treatment plan, informing them precisely where they need to operate, eliminating any guesswork once the procedure begins. Because the orthopedic surgeon knows exactly how to proceed in detail, removing any healthy parts of the knee is minimized, keeping the healthy bone and cartilage left intact.

When is Makoplasty Robotic Surgery Used?

As with all of our orthopedic practices, we apply conservative treatments whenever possible. If non-surgical treatment approaches fail to produce the desired outcomes, surgical intervention is often recommended.

Patients who have not responded well to conservative treatment or those who continue to experience persistent pain or stiffness during physical activity are usually viable candidates for Makoplasty surgery. Also, patients with early to mid-stage knee arthritis in one or two of the following knee compartments are prime candidates for the procedure:

  • Medial (Inner)
  • Patellofemoral (Front)
  • Lateral (Outer)

The Advantages of Makoplasty Robotic Surgery

In comparison to traditional types of knee replacement, Makoplasty offers several advantages, such as:

  • Precision: Through the robotic arm and advanced 3D model, Makoplasty provides your orthopedic surgeon more accuracy in removing damaged areas and installing the implant.
  • Smaller incision: Because your surgeon can be more precise, they can make a much smaller incision compared to what a traditional knee replacement calls for.
  • Faster relief: Makoplasty patients can often stand and even walk on the same day they have surgery.
  • Quicker recovery: Makoplasty hospital stays average one to three days, compared to the three to seven day stays for traditional surgery.

How Long do Makoplasty Knee Replacements Last

While studies are comparatively young concerning the longevity of robotic-assisted knee replacements, what is verified is that 90% of knee arthroplasty implants last upwards of ten years.

Is Makoplasty Right for You?

Persistent knee pain dramatically affects daily living. And, it is all too common for many people to ignore their knee pain, increasing the risk of further knee damage.

If you have knee pain and want to get back to your active life, our board-certified, fellowship-trained EmergeOrtho—Triangle Region orthopedic surgeons are the best in their field. To see if you are a candidate for Makoplasty knee surgery, we encourage you to self-schedule an appointment. Or, call us any time at (919) 220-5255.

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