Don’t Miss Your Chance for a $10 Student Sports Physical Exam (May 15th Only)!

This special event has passed. If you need a student sports physical exam, please schedule an appointment at your local EmergeOrtho location.

Are you a parent of a high school or middle school athlete? Are you unsure of where to take your child for a sports physical exam? At EmergeOrtho, our goal is to make getting a sports physical exam convenient and hassle-free. In fact, on May 15th EmergeOrtho is hosting “Sports Physical Day.” For a mere $10 (per athlete), parents can ensure their child fulfills the physical and medical requirements necessary for their designated sport and money is donated back to your school/organization.

Learn more about the process of school sports physicals and how EmergeOrtho supports student-athletes and their families—all year long.

More About EmergeOrtho Sports Physical Day and School Sports Physical Exams

According to the National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS), an unprecedented 7,980,886 children were enrolled in high school sports in the United States in the 2017-2018 school year. For the millions of high school and middle school athletes in the U.S., a sports physical exam is one of the many boxes parents and caregivers are required to check.

Because of all the responsibilities parents are tasked with, EmergeOrtho designed a day in which student-athletes can receive a yearly-required sports physical exam—affordably and conveniently. North Carolina families can take advantage of this one-day, discounted Sports Physical Day event at any of our EmergeOrtho locations, serving the Triangle Region.

Not only is Sports Physical Day a beneficial, cost-effective option for busy parents, it also benefits local schools and organizations. Each $10 fee goes completely and directly back to North Carolina schools. In addition to the fundraising aspect of EmergeOrtho Sports Physical Day, this event offers parents ultimate convenience. While your child receives a full sports exam physical, you’re provided with all the forms, documents, and other necessities to prepare your child for sports. Additional benefits of Sports Physical Day include:

  • Fulfillment of yearly NCHSAA sports physical exam requirements
  • Insurance isn’t filed (so the exam doesn’t count as a yearly wellness visit)
  • Exams conducted by a professional, board-certified orthopedic specialist

Many parents are curious about what takes place during a school sports physical. There are two main components included:

  • Medical History

In addition to going over any past or current illnesses, conditions, and injuries, a physician will verify any allergies, medications, and supplements that your child may be taking.

  • Physical Examination

A physical sports examination typically involves the acquisition of health metrics such as height, weight, blood pressure, vision, flexibility, joint health, muscle strength, and more.

Why Are Sports Physical Exams so Important?

In addition to fulfilling requirements outlined by schools for legal purposes, sports physicals are vital to the protection of your child. Even if your teen doesn’t have any glaring or obvious medical conditions to prevent enrolling in sports, there may be underlying medical issues (such as asthma) that you and your child are unaware of. Making sure all the medical and physical bases are covered helps to protect your teen from potential sports-related health problems.

In addition to evaluating overall health, a sports physical exam may help identify any underlying conditions. A sports physical will also assess whether any past or present injuries won’t worsen or become re-injured (sprain, strain, or fracture).

What if We Can’t Attend Sports Physical Day?

If for some reason, you and your child are unable to attend Sports Physical Day—don’t worry! EmergeOrtho is always accepting appointments for sports physical exams. EmergeOrtho of the Triangle offers flexible visit times for busy families, just like yours!

In addition to providing student sport exam fundraisers and individual appointments, EmergeOrtho also has a large presence in local high schools. Within the last five years, EmergeOrtho has donated $29,000 in raised funds back to local schools and organizations.

EmergeOrtho Athletic Trainers cover several local high school sports teams such as Leesville Road High School, Wakefield High School, Heritage High School, Voyager Academy, South Johnston High School, Corinth Holders High School, Durham School of the Arts, and Falls Lake Academy. Our doctors cover multiple college and professional sport teams such as Campbell University, University of Mount Olive, Barton College, Durham Bulls, Holly Spring Salamanders, and Wilson Tobs.

For more information on Sports Physical Day or how to schedule a sports physical exam for your child, call us anytime at 919-220-5255. You can also click here to access the required NCHSAA forms.

If you’d like to learn more about where to get a sports physical, turn to EmergeOrtho board-certified, fellowship trained specialists. Our subspecialty orthopedic practices provide local North Carolina communities with sophisticated, innovative, subspecialty orthopedic care at reasonable prices.

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