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The percentage of patients age 40 years and older
who experienced a new episode of hip pain, exhibited evidence of osteoarthritis.

Chronic hip pain was preventing me from an active lifestyle.

You need to have a strong hip for golf and horseback riding, in addition to other sports-related activities. On top of having problems with hip mobility and weight-bearing, I started waking up every morning with hip pain. Conservative treatment methods were simply not effective in addressing my hip problems anymore. It was time to seek the help of an orthopedic hip expert.

4-5 inches
The incision size required for direct anterior total hip replacement
(versus the 10-12 inches with traditional hip replacement surgery).

Hope was on the horizon with innovative hip surgery.

After speaking with fellowship-trained, Dr. Ralph Liebelt, EmergeOrtho hip surgeon, we determined that hip surgery was my best option for relief from my symptoms. Dr. Liebelt has been practicing orthopedics for more than four decades, performing hundreds of hip surgeries. I immediately felt comfortable and confident in his knowledge and experience. I learned that direct anterior hip replacement only requires spreading the big muscles to get to the joint capsule, opposed to more invasive techniques for traditional hip surgery. This impressed me, as did the data of more rapid recovery. The choice of which type of surgery was easy to make!

The number of offices in 21 counties
in North Carolina (from the mountains to the coast)!

I was walking again—90 minutes after hip surgery!

My surgery took place on February 15, 2018. I went into the operating room a little before 9:00 am and surgery was finished by 10:00 am! I was in recovery by 11:00 am and I stayed in the hospital the night after my procedure, and went home the next morning. In the immediate post-surgical period I took no pain medication stronger than Tylenol. In the evenings prior to bed I took Tylenol PM. I do not consider myself to have a high pain threshold; however, I was not in much discomfort. In fact, I was up and walking 90 minutes after surgery! Within 10 days following surgery, I walked two miles with my dogs.

The average time range of recovery
for direct anterior total hip replacement

A month after surgery, I was back to horseback riding and golfing—pain-free!

A month after my surgery I rode a horse for the first time. I did not do anything exciting on the horse, but I was able to get on and off without pain. I also played nine holes of golf with my wife for the first time following surgery. I have played 18 holes every Monday since then. Six months after receiving direct anterior total hip replacement surgery I was able to jump with my horse. I get out of bed and my hip does not hurt anymore! There is nothing in my life today that reminds me I had a hip replacement. The logistics, and professional manner of the staff were A+++, and the clinical/surgical outcome was perfect.

A New Level Of Orthopedic Care Has Emerged

As our patient, you will benefit from a full range of orthopedic services, specialties and technologies, including physical and occupational therapy, advanced imaging services, and urgent care walk-in services providing immediate diagnosis and treatment for urgent orthopedic conditions.

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