Meet our Workers’ Compensation Team

Our Workers’ Compensation Department has been developed over many years of working with case managers, providers, employers, patients and insurance carriers to assist in the process of coordinating the medical care of an injured employee. We are committed to providing a prompt, high quality response while coordinating all of the medical information and services needed during the worker’s compensation process.

Allison Bley

2165 Medical Park Drive, NC

Telephone: +1 (828) 324-2800 ext 11246

Fax: 828-330-2034

[email protected]

Elizabeth Jack

841 Malcolm Blvd, NC

Telephone: +1 (828) 874-3379 ext 11313

Fax: 828-330-2047

Regina Ayers

232 Sharon Ave NW

Telephone: +1 (828) 758-7091 ext 17323

Fax: 828-758-7058

Workers’ Compensation Providers and Locations

All Foothills physicians see Workers’ Compensation patients.