Don’t Wait! Consult with the Best General Surgeons in North Carolina.

EmergeOrtho-Triangle Region is known for providing world-class, high-quality orthopedic care across a wide range of specialties.

There is much more for patients than the innovative, advanced approaches EmergeOrtho offers in orthopedics. EmergeOrtho also provides a number of general surgery options. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained general surgeons routinely perform:

  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Anorectal Surgery
  • Bowel Surgery
  • Breast Surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Endocrine Surgery
  • Hernia Surgery
  • Stomach Surgery

Whether you have been referred to a surgeon or suspect you may need surgery in one of the areas listed above, the EmergeOrtho general surgery team is here to help. To learn more about how our fellowship-trained surgeons can help you, request an appointment by filling out this simple form.

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