Utilizing Advanced Digital X-Ray Technology

EmergeOrtho’s physicians utilize the latest advancements in digital X-ray technology to create a treatment plan that helps patients emerge stronger. We realize that precision and accuracy are vital for an effective and timely diagnosis.

Digital X-rays utilize sensors instead of the photographic film used by traditional X-rays. X-rays are a type of radiation, and when they pass through the body, dense objects such as bone block the radiation and appear white on the X-ray film, while less dense tissues appear gray and are difficult to see. X-rays are typically used to diagnose and assess bone degeneration or disease, fractures and dislocations, infections, or tumors.

If you are having a digital X-ray, please remember:

  • Bring your doctor’s order for an X-ray
  • Bring your insurance cards
  • Bring any previous X-rays that have been taken

If you cannot bring previous films, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Since our inception, we have been considered leaders in adopting the most innovative scanning techniques to enhance our ability to provide excellent care that is both compassionate and efficient.

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