Trigger Finger

Comprehensive Solutions for Trigger Finger

EmergeOrtho physicians have been treating a vast array of finger injuries and conditions for decades. Our experience enables us to explore all nonsurgical options before considering surgery. We have extensive expertise in the treatment of trigger finger, also called stenosing tenosynovitis.

What Is Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger is a narrowing of the sheath that surrounds the tendon of the affected finger. The condition can be painful and typically affects those whose work requires repetitive gripping. It causes a distinctive “locking” of the affected finger. Most often, it’s the ring finger and thumb that are involved. Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome are more prone to developing trigger finger.

Mild Trigger Finger Cases

For mild cases of trigger finger, our specialists may recommend:

  • Avoiding repetitive gripping for three to four weeks
  • Resting
  • Taking NSAID pain relievers
  • Steroid injections (Steroid injections are effective in about 50% of cases.)

Extreme Trigger Finger Cases

Patients who experience more extreme cases of trigger finger may require percutaneous trigger finger release.

With this procedure, a needle is used to release a locked finger. This release technique is most effective for the index, middle, and ring fingers.

When the “locking” doesn’t respond to any other treatments, surgery may be needed. During a consultation, your physician will review your case and help identify what treatments might work best for your individual needs. If surgery is necessary, your surgeon will discuss the implications and explain what you can expect in terms of procedure and recovery time.

Trigger finger does not have to cause continual pain. Our team includes board-certified and board-eligible physicians who are ready to help you with a variety of orthopedic issues involving the hands and fingers.

To learn more about how our specialists can help, contact the practice nearest you so you can emerge from treatment without the discomfort and inconvenience of trigger finger.