Effective Solutions for Pitcher’s Elbow

We specialize in treating both professional athletes and recreational enthusiasts. Decades of experience have enabled EmergeOrtho to offer innovative solutions for pitcher’s elbow, including UCL repair, also known as “Tommy John Surgery.”

Pitcher’s elbow occurs after repeated stress from repetitive motion. Gradually, this repetitive motion can lead to extensive problems on the inside of the elbow. The primary symptom is elbow pain during or after the throwing motion. Numbness and tingling may also be present.

When nonsurgical solutions are not effective for pitcher’s elbow, a UCL repair or Tommy John surgery, may be needed.

UCL reconstruction

The ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) provides the main stability in the elbow joint. This ligament is commonly injured in sports-related accidents, especially ones that involve throwing such as baseball or javelin. UCL repair, or Tommy John surgery, is a procedure to reconstruct the UCL.

In this surgery, a ligament is taken from another part of the body and is threaded through a tunnel made of holes drilled in the bone to keep it in place. After surgery, the elbow is protected in a brace for four to six weeks. The patient will have to complete a physical rehabilitation program in order for the elbow to regain strength.

The patient will go through physical rehabilitation to regain strength in the elbow and restore function of the UCL.

We’ve allowed thousands of athletes and hobbyists to emerge from surgery ready to return to the activities they once enjoyed. EmergeOrtho’s dedication to the highest level of care makes us the regional leaders in orthopedic care.

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