Forefoot Deformities

Extensive Treatment for Forefoot Deformities

EmergeOrtho’s physicians have decades of experience treating all types of forefoot deformities, and this expertise enables us to offer the most comprehensive orthopedic care in the region.

Forefoot deformities can make walking difficult or even painful. Some of the most common forefoot deformities include:

  • Digital deformities – These occur when toes are crooked, fused together or have abnormal lengths. In some cases, patients may have an extra toe or be missing a toe.
  • Morton’s Neuroma – This painful condition results when the tissue surrounding your nerves begins to thicken. It causes burning pain in the ball of your foot, in addition to stinging and numbing sensations.
  • Hammertoe /Clawtoe – This happens when the toes curve upward.

What causes forefoot deformities?

There’s no one cause for forefoot deformities. Some may be caused by accidents or injuries. Still others are congenital, meaning the deformity has been present since birth. In certain cases such as Morton’s Neuroma and hammertoe, wearing high-heeled shoes consistently can create the problem.

How are forefoot deformities treated?

Treatment depends upon the specific condition and type of deformity. It may involve nonsurgical techniques such as wearing specialized shoes. In more severe cases, surgery may be needed.

Whenever possible, we utilize the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques. Patients who have minimally invasive surgery typically recover faster and have less post-operative pain than those who have had traditional, “open” surgical procedures.

EmergeOrtho’s team of skilled physicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment available. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology coupled with compassionate care to help you emerge stronger.