High-Quality Care for Bursitis Relief

Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and surgical and non-surgical methods, EmergeOrtho’s experienced physicians provide comprehensive care for bursitis. Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursae. These are thin sacs with lubrication fluid that provide a cushion between the bones and soft tissue.

Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa or bursae (more than one bursa), small fluid-filled sacs that cushion areas of friction around joints. Bursae contain synovial fluid that lubricates the joints. Bursitis typically occurs as a result of overuse during physical activities or infection of the synovial fluid. If a bursa becomes infected or irritated from repetitive stress, it will cause pain and limited movement. Bursitis is most common in the shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, or heel.

Seeking treatment at EmergeOrtho means having a team of skilled, knowledgeable experts working closely with you and all members of the health care team. We’re proficient in the latest research and developments so you can be assured that your treatment plan represents the latest and most innovative methods.

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