Ankle Sprain

Efficient Treatment for Sprained Ankles

EmergeOrtho’s physicians have extensive experience treating a wide variety of injuries, including ankle sprains. Our compassionate, comprehensive care has enabled us to help area residents get back on their feet and emerge stronger.

Careful evaluation of these injuries is important in determining the severity of the sprain to enable our doctors to create an effective treatment plan. Our goal is to efficiently treat ankle sprains so patients can return to regular activities as soon as possible.

A sprained ankle can be caused by hundreds of things ranging from a simple slip on ice to a bad fall while playing basketball. A sprain is an injury to a ligament when an ankle twists and the ligament is stretched too much.

Symptoms of a Sprained Ankle

Symptoms vary in intensity depending upon the severity of the injury.

A first-degree sprain stretches the ligament but does not tear it. Symptoms include mild pain with normal movement.

A second-degree sprain is characterized by a partially torn ligament, significant pain and swelling, restricted movement, and mild-to-moderate joint instability.

In a third-degree sprain, the ligament is completely torn with mild to severe pain, swelling, and significant joint instability.

Complete Treatment for Sprained Ankles

Conservative treatment is the first recommendation because with time, sprains will generally heal on their own. Patients should rest, compress, ice and elevate the ankle, in addition to taking anti-inflammatory pain medications while the sprain heals. Strengthening exercises can also help the healing process.

Surgery is needed only in severe cases where pieces of torn ligament will be removed and the ligament will need to be reconstructed. Most patients recover from an ankle sprain after about four to six weeks.

If you have an ankle sprain, our specialists can instruct you on how to best care for the sprain for it to heal safely. To learn more about your ankle sprain and the services we provide for patients throughout the Carolinas, please contact our office.

EmergeOrtho’s nationally recognized physicians have remained at the forefront of the latest medical advances. Their skill, knowledge and advanced capabilities have created one of the best practices in the Southeast.

Ankle Sprains & Ankle Instability

Ankle Sprains & Ankle Instability