Utilizing the Country’s Most Advanced Techniques to Treat Ankle Instability

Our physicians are pioneers in the latest treatment of ankle instability, and they utilize the most innovative methods for ankle replacement surgery for ankle instability. EmergeOrtho’s multidisciplinary approach has solidified our position as the leaders in all aspects of orthopedic care.

Ankle instability may be caused by several different conditions, including ankle osteoarthritis or injuries. Medial ankle instability affects the inner side of your ankle, while in lateral ankle instability, the outer side of your ankle is affected.

In the last 15 years, technological advancements have made total ankle replacement or ankle reconstruction viable alternatives for those seeking long-term treatment and relief from ankle instability.

Ankle replacement

Surgeons across the United States are seeing increasing success and satisfaction with ankle replacement. It is a safe and effective treatment option for select patients with ankle arthritis or problems with ankle instability. With the support of the AOFAS and other authoritative bodies, now nearly all insurance companies provide coverage for appropriate ankle replacement candidates.

Ankle replacements are made of two main parts: the tibial, which is anchored in the shinbone, and the talar component, which is secured into the anklebone. Once installed, the result is effortless rotation, enabling patients to return to the activities they once loved.

In some cases, it may be more appropriate to perform a lateral ankle reconstruction instead of a total ankle replacement.

Outstanding treatment is available at over 49 EmergeOrtho locations across North Carolina, where our team includes board-certified physicians and specialty-trained health care professionals. We work with you throughout the entire treatment process, delivering compassionate care with the dignity and excellence you deserve.

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