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EmergeOrtho’s experienced and compassionate team of orthopedists are at the forefront of the latest innovative treatments designed to help our patients emerge stronger and healthier. This expertise provides extensive benefits for those facing the often debilitating pain of ankle arthritis.

Cartilage is the soft “padding” that cushions bones and joints. In ankle arthritis, the cartilage wears away, causing bone to grind against bone. An estimated 2 million Americans suffer from ankle arthritis, according to information from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

EmergeOrtho uses a combination of leading-edge surgical and nonsurgical techniques and designs comprehensive treatment plans tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients.

Ankle Arthritis Symptoms

Symptoms of ankle arthritis include:

  • Stiffness
  • Swollen joints
  • Pain, particularly in the morning or after moving
  • Limited mobility

Treatments for Ankle Arthritis

Our experienced physicians will carefully evaluate your condition to explore surgical and nonsurgical treatment options.

Ankle arthritis is a degenerative disease. In its early stages, patients can benefit from non-surgical options such as shoe inserts, braces, walking canes, anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone shots. Coupled with physical therapy and weight management, many patients experience some form of relief.

Arthroscopic surgery is another treatment option. During this procedure, the joint is cleaned, removing any foreign tissue. The use of the arthroscope (a camera) is routine in orthopedic surgery for the evaluation and treatment of many conditions of the foot and ankle. At EmergeOrtho, arthroscopic surgery has revolutionized orthopedic sub-specialties, allowing a minimally invasive way to access joints with the ability to treat many conditions with less morbidity to the patient, the smallest incision possible, reduction of pain, shorter recovery times, and minimal scarring.

For those with more advanced stages of arthritis, a total ankle replacement may be the best option for alleviating pain and restoring mobility.

The Latest Advances in Total Ankle Replacement

EmergeOrtho is proud to be a leader in ankle replacement, utilizing advanced techniques to help patients emerge from surgery ready to return to their daily activities. If constant pain from ankle arthritis is making your daily life difficult, you may be a candidate for total ankle replacement. Our experienced physicians will carefully and accurately assess the extent of ankle damage before surgery so they can create a treatment plan that will give you the most benefit. EmergeOrtho performs some of the highest volume of total ankle replacement surgeries in the state

Ankle replacement surgery removes damaged portions of cartilage and ankle bone. Once removed, they are replaced with metal and plastic components. The surgery usually takes two to three hours. After the operation, the foot will be placed in a cast or boot, and patients will generally stay in the hospital until they can safely walk using either a walker or crutches.

Our physicians will carefully monitor your progress, and some patients may benefit from working closely with physical therapists.

Dedication. Innovation. Knowledge. EmergeOrtho implements these principles in every thing we do. From staying abreast of the latest surgical advancements to offering an extensive array of services, our dedication has made us the provider of choice for the region.

Of course, advanced surgical technology is only a part of our philosophy. We are also dedicated to treating patients with dignity and compassion in every encounter. It’s what has made us the provider of choice for residents across the region.


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