As orthopedists specializing in sports medicine, we understand the importance of proper care and treatment for athletes and active individuals. Our team at EmergeOrtho—Blue Ridge Region is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for orthopedic sports medicine injuries, conditions, treatments, and surgeries. Our goal is to help our patients return to their sport or activity as quickly and safely as possible.

Sports Injuries Affect Many Parts of the Body

Sports injuries can occur to many parts of the body. We have treated many patients with injuries including:

  • Neck/shoulder: frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, shoulder impingement, and shoulder instability
  • Arm/elbow: sprains and tennis or golf elbow
  • Hand/wrist: carpal tunnel syndrome, mallet finger, and hand and wrist fractures
  • Hip/knee: ligament tears and arthritis
  • Upper/lower leg: fractures, joint dislocations, and shin splints
  • Foot/ankle: Achilles tendon rupture and ankle sprains

Common Sports Medicine Injuries

Orthopedic sports medicine injuries can be caused by a wide range of activities, including sports, exercise, and other physical activities. Some of the most common injuries we see include:

  • Sprains and strains. These injuries are common in athletes and active individuals, and they can be caused by sudden movements, overuse, or repetitive motions. They can affect any part of the body but are most common in the ankles, knees, and wrists.
  • Fractures. Fractures are breaks in the bone and can occur in any bone in the body. They are typically caused by a sudden impact or trauma and can range from minor hairline fractures to severe breaks that require surgery.
  • Dislocations. Dislocations occur when a bone is forced out of its normal position. They can be caused by a sudden impact or trauma and can affect any joint in the body.
  • Tendon and ligament injuries. Tendon and ligament injuries can occur due to overuse or sudden impact. These injuries can be painful and can affect mobility.

Chronic and Acute Conditions We Treat

Sports medicine conditions can be chronic or acute and can affect any part of the body. Some of the most common conditions we see include:

  • Arthritis. This is a chronic condition that affects the joints and can cause pain, stiffness, and inflammation.
  • Bursitis. This affects the small fluid-filled sacs (bursae) that cushion the bones, tendons, and muscles near the joints.
  • Tendinitis. This condition affects the tendons, which connect the muscles to the bones. It can cause pain and inflammation.
  • Rotator cuff injuries. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that attach the shoulder blade to the upper arm bone. Injuries to the rotator cuff can cause pain, weakness, and a limited range of motion

A Wide Range of Orthopedic Sports Medicine Treatment Options

At EmergeOrtho, we offer a wide range of treatments for orthopedic sports medicine injuries and conditions. Some of the most common treatments our orthopedic and sports medicine doctors offer include:

  • Physical therapy. This can help patients regain mobility, strength, and flexibility after an injury or surgery.
  • Medications. Options such as pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs can help manage pain and inflammation.
  • Injections. Treatments like corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid and biologics, such as PRP injections, can help reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Surgery. This option may be necessary for more severe injuries or conditions. We offer a wide range of surgical choices, including minimally invasive procedures.

Sports Injury-Related Surgeries

While our sports medicine doctors try to treat all conditions with noninvasive, conservative methods, sometimes surgery is necessary to repair the condition. Our team of orthopedic sports medicine surgeons is skilled in a wide range of orthopedic sports medicine surgeries. Some of the most common surgeries we perform include:

  • Arthroscopy. This is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a small camera and specialized tools to diagnose and treat joint problems.
  • ACL reconstruction. This surgery replaces a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee.
  • Rotator cuff repair. This procedure reattaches the torn or damaged tendons in the shoulder.
  • Joint replacement. This surgery removes damaged or diseased parts of a joint and replaces them with artificial parts, called prostheses. This is often necessary for severe arthritis or joint damage.
  • Fracture repair. This is a procedure that involves aligning the broken bone and stabilizing it with screws, plates, or rods.
  • Cartilage restoration. This surgery aims to repair or replace damaged cartilage in the joints. This can be done through various techniques, such as microfracture, osteochondral autograft transfer, or allograft transplantation.

Our nearby orthopedic sports medicine team is skilled in these and many other surgeries, and we always strive to use the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques possible to help our patients recover faster and with less pain.

If you are searching for a sports doctor near you, look no further than EmergeOrtho—Blue Ridge Region. Our team of orthopedic sports medicine specialists is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for athletes and active individuals. We have seven convenient locations throughout the region, some with urgent care facilities. Schedule your appointment here and take the first step toward your recovery.


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